Syed Shan Jaffry



  • Shan Jaffry, “Increasing the Capacity of 5G Networks with Mobile-cells”, PhD thesis, Massey University (in progress).
  • Shan Jaffry, “Development of Wave Propagation Imaging Technology using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Technology”, Master's Thesis, Chonbuk National University, 2014.
  • Shan Jaffry et al. “Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) based Data Acquisition (DAQ) Card”, Final year Group Project Report, NED University, 2010.

Journal Publications

  • S. Jaffry, S.F. Hasan, X. Gui  "Efficient Resource Sharing for Mobile-Cell Environment", IET Communications (under review)
  • S. Jaffry, S. F. Hasan, X. Gui, "Efficient Resource-Sharing Algorithms for Mobile-Cell's Sidehaul and Access Links", IEEE Networking Letter (Early Access available at IEEEXplore) 
  • S. Jaffry, S.F. Hasan, X. Gui, “Mobile Cell : Assisting Future Cellular Networks”, IEEE Potentials, September, 2018
  • S. Jaffry, S.F. Hasan, X. Gui, “Neighborhood-aware Out-of-Network D2D Discovery”, Electronics Letters, IET, February 2018
  • S. Jaffry, S.H. Abbas, D. Kang and J.R. Lee, " Using Field Programmable Gate Array Hardware for the Performance Improvement of Ultrasonice Wave Propagation Imaging System", Journal of the Korean Society for Nondestructive Testing, Vol. 35, No. 6: 389-397, 2015

Conference Publications

  • S. Jaffry, K. Zaidi, S.T.Shah, F.Hasan, X.Gui, "D2D Neighborhood Discovery by a Mobile-Device", IEEE International Conference on Communication, May 2019, Shanghai, China (Accepted).
  • M. Rizvi, H. Raza, S. Tahzeeb, S. Jaffry, "Optical Character Recognition Based Intelligent Database Management System for Examination Process Control",  16th IEEE International Bhurban Conference on Applied Sciences and Technology (IEEE IBCAST), Jan 2019, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • S. Jaffry, S.F. Hasan, X. Gui  "Shared Spectrum for Mobile Cell’s Backhaul and Access Link", IEEE Global Communications Conference (IEEE Globecom) Dec. 2018, Abu-Dhabi, UAE.
    • D.R. Lee, S. Jaffry, S.F. Hasan, Y.W. Kuo, X. Gui, “Performance Evaluation of Handover Protocols in Software Defined Networking Environment”, 3rd EAI International Conference on Smart Grid and Innovative Frontiers in Telecommunications, April 2018, Auckland, New Zealand.
    • S. Jaffry, S.F. Hasan, X. Gui, Y.W. Kuo, " Distributed Device Discovery in ProSe environment",  IEEE Region 10 conference (IEEE TENCON), Nov. 2017
    • S. Jaffry, S.F. Hasan, X. Gui, ‘Making a Case for the Moving Small Cells’, 26th IEEE International Telecommunications and Networking Conference (ITNAC) 2016, Dunedin, New Zealand
    • S. Jaffry and J.R. Lee, “Development of Wave propagation imaging technology using FPGAs”, Korean Science & Non-destructive Testing (KSNT) society conference, 2013.
    • S. Hussein and S. Jaffry, “Energy Conservation in Pakistan: Especially in the Textile Sector”, IEEE Pakistan (IEEEP) Conference, 2009.

    Newspaper Publications

    ·  Panel discussion member in workshop on “Advanced Wireless Networks”, Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand.
    ·  “Future of cellular technology and foundations for 5G cellular networks”, NED University, Pakistan, May 2016 (via video conferencing).
    ·  “Towards D2D discovery for Mobile Cells”, IEEE Postgrad event, Victoria Univ. of Wellington, 2016.
    ·  “Development of long range wave propagation imaging technology”, 10th Workshop at Los Alamos National Lab – Chonbuk National University – Engineering Institute Korea, March 2013