Shan Jaffry


Research Interest

  • 5G communication, device to device discovery, moving personal cells.
  • Embedded systems and FPGA based systems

Courses taught at Hamdard University, Karachi P

  • Fall 2015
    • Object Oriented Programming (Theory + Lab)
    • Image Processing and Computer Vision
    • FPGA based system design
    • Embedded Systems
  • Spring 2015 (assigned)
    • Embedded Systems
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Data Structure and Algorithms (using C++)
  • Fall 2014
    • Object Oriented Programming (using C++)
    • Data Structure and Algorithms (using C++, without OOP)

Important Links

1. For understanding QPSK and other digital modulation and transmission. Click here

2. For very useful matlab codes for communication system designing. Click here